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Colt Bowden Gold Hand Signs

Below are some answers to questions that may help before you contact me 


Do you have a design ready or will you need a design made?
I have 15 years of sign painting and design experience and would love to help design your sign, storefront or what ever you need. It helps if you have an idea or direction at very least, and hopefully I can get the design where it needs to be.  Depending on the scope of your project, I charge a design deposit of $350 to cover the time it takes to design your sign or storefront. This cost is rolled into the final cost of the signs,  and if you decide to go another direction, my time is accounted for.  

If you are going after a specific look, different processes may help produce that look. Hand lettering and custom illustration are a bit more time intensive than computer driven designs, so please help me by being as specific as you can about the look you are after. Any examples or references, whether visual or described will help me get a design that you are happy about faster. I can't read minds, though I do try. 

What things will  help the design be ready, if I have one already?
Have a vectorized pdf or .ai format version of the file with fonts expanded
If it is a pictorial, having a high dpi image (300-600 dpi) helps
Have colors, pantones or paint swatches picked out
Have the size of the sign decided if possible
Have font's purchased, image rights purchased etc. beforehand
 -- If you don't have these types of things ready, I can help with that at a rate of $75 an hour

Do you have a budget for this project?
   - Some example price ranges - ( they can be less or more depending on the complexity of the sign)
$500-$1000 for a sidewalk sign
$500-$3500 for Gold leaf 
 Murals range between $10-35 per square foot on average, with a $1000 minimum
 (Murals are considered larger than 10' x 10')

If you have a design ready to go, with sizes and colors picked out, I can get a bid to you fairly quick. 
We charge $350 for a design deposit on storefront/new commercial signage projects
When the design process if finalized I require a 50% deposit before beginning the project. 
If you have a design prepared before hand, there is no design fee, though the 50% deposit is still required. 
Once we have the deposit, we schedule the work and I can get started!

How long does sign production take?
Signs production can range from 1 hour to  3 years.. It all depends on the complexity, budget and priority. Have an interesting sign you want made but don't have a high budget? Might take a little more time. Have a gigantic project you need done yesterday? Bring a high budget! A common saying in the trade is: Low Cost, Fast Production, Attention to detail.. Pick two!  
On normal jobs, I can get started as soon as the deposit is paid and as soon as schedule allows (sometimes pre-booked sign jobs are being worked on, and you have to wait until an opening in schedule arrives for your project to begin (this includes the design process) Sometimes I can help talk through the project before hand so that you are best prepared to make the project happen when I am ready to begin*.

* Please be patient! I am a one man shop, and things take a little more time with the hand painted process. 

If you have questions not answered here, feel free to give me a call or email!

- Colt Bowden, Gold Hand Signs

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