I grew up in a small mining town called Magna, in Utah. My great Grandfather worked in the copper mine as a chemist, and my other great Grandfather operated a letterpress and Linotype machine for the local newspaper. I guess that is where my love of letters and using precious metals in the craft came from. When I was a kid, all I wanted to do was draw cartoons and make cool art. At the age of 10, I started to dabble in skateboarding. It grew into a pastime, then into a full fledged obsession and lifestyle. From that came the ability to press forward through failure and to create my own handmade world around me. Changing the boring everyday objects in my life into obstacles and challenges. Sign Painting offers the same type of creative outlet, where a boring wall or window can become an extravagant display of advertising in an artistic way.   I have lived in Southern California, Montgomery County Maryland and all over Hawaii. I have called Mcminnville Oregon Home for the past 8 years (My wife was born and raised here) and have current plans to live out my days here and continue to raise my family here. We love it.. even with all the rain.

- Colt Bowden
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